Edu RoundThough education promotes mankind’s future and the happiness of the people. Experience has shown that its nature has been changing only with the passage of time as well as with place and locations.   Education is of special significance for people emerging from long periods of bondage into self rule and sovereign democracy. Education bears different meanings for different regions and under different policies set-up. While it may mean quite something in rural surroundings and may mean differently in industrialized area, it is also sensitive to the type of political ideology prevailing among the different people even countries with many affinities tend to different substantively in the theory and practice of education. This leads one to the hypothesis that all through there might be something multiple in the broader dimension of education, local demand and local conditions do have their impact and it is certainly not possible to treat education practices as an “importable commodity”. The definition of education, therefore, as a preparation through life comes very true.

Ways to alleviate Illiteracy

Illiteracy is generally referred to as one’s inability to read and write. But illiteracy has more severe impacts than simple lack of education. The effects of illiteracy strongly link to the social stigmas such as child labor, human trafficking, mafia operation, and even the spread of horrible diseases such as AIDS!

“Pahel” is committed to alleviate illiteracy through our unique Community Education Center (CEC) program. Unlike the traditional methods of trying to get people to school, “Pahel” CEC program takes school to people, providing literacy and knowledge to the most neglected communities, one village at a time. We train and equip child laborers and illiterate adults to re-start a life where they can be contributing citizens.

“Pahel”’s literacy program has proved as one of the most effective literacy programs for south Asia, and India because classes are conducted at the local CEC’s which provide the necessary learning environment for the student. As a result, most students cross over the barrier of illiteracy in as short as six months, and are graduated as literates! CEC graduates become eligible to receive tools and support to make a better living.